Individual Counselling

In many ways being human is our biggest challenge. We have complex thought processes, feelings and ways of reacting to the world we live in. Therefore, our personal experiences are often difficult to understand. These complexities become even more difficult to understand when one is faced with hardship, trauma and change.

Individual therapy is the opportunity to come with all that you know about yourself, join forces with a counsellor and together unpack the issue at hand in order to gain perspective, skills, solutions and/or relief.

Individual counselling:
  • Is meeting regularly with a therapist one-on-one (typically once a week for 50 – 60 minutes);
  • Is meeting within a safe setting where you can get the undivided attention of a counsellor;
  • Is focused on achieved mutually agreed upon therapy goals;
  • Can be a long or a short journey, depending on yourself and the problem at hand;
  • Can sometimes be challenging and uncomfortable because you will have to explore how you deal with emotions and challenging situations, self-care, stress management, time management, as well as the impact of earlier life experiences on your current attitudes, thoughts and behaviour.
Individual counselling can potentially assist you to:
  • Find new ways of coping with stress, anger, depression, anxiety and other emotional pressures;
  • Heal old psychological wounds related to addictions, childhood and adult trauma;
  • Deal with grief, loss and loneliness;
  • Resolve sexual difficulties;
  • Handle addictions, obsessions, and compulsive behaviour;
  • Improve your self-esteem and boost your self-confidence;
  • Develop healthy boundaries;
  • Explore purpose, meaning and spiritual growth

or any other challenge that results in overload in your life or create the feeling that you do not have the necessary resources to cope with it alone.

Ultimately, individual counselling is about joining resources with a professional counsellor in order to get your life under control and steer it towards a better future.